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In a recent interview with The Associated Press, Malayalam actor and television presenter Mani Srinivasan said that his character of Malay, an Indian teacher, in the film “Love story” is not a traditional romantic couple but a romantic love story between a couple of Indian teachers.

“I did not know about this before,” Srinasan said.

In the movie, the love story begins with the two teachers, who have just arrived in the U.S. from India, having a romantic encounter. “

He [the teacher] is not supposed to be in love with anybody else and this is a love affair between two Indian teachers who work at the same institution.”

In the movie, the love story begins with the two teachers, who have just arrived in the U.S. from India, having a romantic encounter.

But after a while, they realize that they are not compatible, and decide to split up.

Srinascan said the scene where Malay and his Indian colleague, who is his teacher, are having a relationship was inspired by a real-life incident.

In the film, Srinavasan plays a young Indian woman who has been a teacher in the United States for five years.

He told the AP that his Indian character is an older Indian woman with a darker skin tone and who has lived in the country for a while.

He said he took inspiration from the scene in the movie when he first saw the script.

“We were all crying, because this is an Indian character that has never been to the U-19 World Cup,” Sreenivasan told the Associated Press.

“It was such a love-fest.”

Srinasans character, which is played by Sreenath, is a teacher who has recently returned from her honeymoon in the US and is currently teaching at a boarding school in San Francisco.

He was in New York on Saturday for a special screening of the film.

In an interview with ABC News, Sreenasan also talked about the movie and the upcoming release of the TV show “I am Malay.”

Srinamans character is the first Indian teacher to be hired by the show.

Sreenamas’ character is described as an older teacher who also lives in the city.

In his interview with the AP, Sarnath said that the script was written by a woman named N.P. Patel.

The director of the script, Amitabh Kalyan, who has a master’s degree in English and a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television from the University of Chicago, said the show is based on his life experience in the school system.

“The way it was conceived, it is a very simple story.

It is a story of two people, one from India and one from the U, U-18 and U-20 World Cups, with a lot of the same characters,” Kalyanic told the ABC.

“There is a lot to relate between them.”

Kalyanic said the idea for the show came about when the director was discussing a script he was working on with another director.

Kalyonic said the director asked him to rewrite the script because he was feeling very much the same way.

Kalyan said he also talked to Patel about his experience as an Indian and how he feels about it.

Kasyan said she was excited to work with the director because he has a lot in common with the character in the show, but also because he is also an educated man.

Kasyan also said that he hopes the show will be viewed by a wider audience, which he believes is why it has been such a big hit in the region.

“I feel like it is very, very powerful for me because it is about the people who are not able to have that kind of love,” he said.

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