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This is the second time in less than a week that protesters have tried to force Trump to step down.

On Saturday, a woman was arrested after she was pulled over for allegedly riding in a car with the license plate of Trump’s private jet.

And on Monday, protesters shut down the Washington Monument, chanting, “You have to go.” 

 This time, the protesters weren’t just trying to get Trump to leave office.

They were demanding he be fired. 

 “Trump has not done anything wrong,” said one protester.

“We don’t need to be here.

We have to leave.” 

The protesters have since called for Trump’s resignation over several incidents, including a tweet he sent about a woman who said she was a victim of sexual assault. 

“He was the first president to tweet about her,” said protester Erica Stoltenberg.

“And now he is being sued.” 

Trump was the victim in the first lawsuit.

He sued the woman for defamation, claiming she falsely accused him of sexually assaulting her in 1991, after he made the comments. 

In the lawsuit, the woman said that Trump did not do what she claimed he did and that he was not aware of the accusation. 

Trump said that the woman had lied, that he didn’t do what he said he did, and that she had caused him pain and emotional distress. 

The lawsuit also claimed that Trump was paid millions by a group of investors who bought the stake in his company in order to get him to agree to sell the stake. 

Earlier this week, Trump responded to the backlash.

He tweeted, “We will continue to win the support of Americans across the country.

This lawsuit will only hurt our standing.

I will fight for our country with every breath in my body.

Thank you!” 

The rally on Sunday was supposed to be a fundraiser for the Republican Party.

But it ended up being more of a show of support for Trump, with a line of Trump shirts and stickers at the rally. 

There were also other protesters outside the building holding signs reading, “Let’s be real, Trump did nothing wrong,” “Stop making excuses,” and “The Trump campaign is bankrupt.” “We don

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