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The tiny villages of Bangladesh and India are changing rapidly.

Their numbers have exploded, with over a million residents now.

And in many cases, these tiny villages are rapidly becoming cities.

But the cities they’re in are not very big.

And they’re not quite built for a growing world.

“You can’t build a city anywhere near as big as you need to, if you don’t have the land,” says Anupam Bhattacharjee, who has been studying small villages for 30 years.

Bhattacarya has been conducting research on the future of villages in Bangladesh for the last five years.

He and his team have discovered some remarkable patterns in the development of small cities.

For example, Bhattadarjee’s team found that smaller villages tend to be less densely populated, so they have lower land prices.

Smaller villages are also less densely packed, so their land prices are lower.

And larger villages tend not to be densely populated as much as smaller ones.

And villages that are in bigger cities tend to have more roads and more shops and services, so people are less likely to leave.

And smaller villages are less dense than larger ones, so there are more jobs and opportunities.

Bhatacharji has also discovered that smaller, smaller cities are more likely to have a more vibrant and healthy economy, and a cleaner environment.

And when the cities become more densely populated or have more services, they tend to become more productive.

But in a city like New Delhi, the most densely populated place, the development process isn’t going very well.

“We’ve been finding that a lot of these cities are really not built for growth,” says Bhattasharjee.

“They’re built to grow more rapidly.”

Bhatatcharjee is now working on a book about the urbanisation of India and Bangladesh, and he has a long list of other books to write about small villages in India and elsewhere.

For now, he says, his research is about getting a better understanding of how cities are changing, and how cities can adapt to these changes.

But he is quick to warn us that there are big problems that remain in terms of how big cities are being built and the impact that will have.

For one thing, cities will need to get the right mix of land, water and people, Bhaticharjee says.

“And they need to have infrastructure and roads and sewers and electricity.

We don’t know how to do this.”

A new urbanisation pattern For the past few years, Bhandacharjie has been exploring how small villages are evolving in India, India, and Bangladesh.

Bhandatcharji is an urban planning expert at the University of Sussex, who studies urban development.

His research focuses on the evolution of rural communities in India.

But for the past 15 years, he’s also been studying how cities have evolved over time in Bangladesh and Bangladesh itself.

And he says it’s really interesting to see how small cities are adapting to this urbanisation.

“These small villages and their towns are very, very different from the cities, and we don’t really know what’s going on,” he says.

In his research, Bhopal, a town in Uttar Pradesh state in India’s southern state of Uttar Pradesh, has been getting smaller and smaller for years.

It has a population of just 5,000.

But when Bhandicharji and his colleagues visited, they found that the area had become almost completely surrounded by a vast urban area.

“It’s almost like a village has been carved out of the city,” he explains.

This was a phenomenon Bhandasharji found in small villages around the country.

“In some small villages, you can see houses, a mosque, a church, a hospital.

And then all the roads are completely surrounded, and there’s no road to go anywhere.”

But this pattern doesn’t happen everywhere, and Bhandarji says it can happen in places where villages are not so densely populated.

Bhojpuri village, India Bhojpur village, the capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh, is a small village in a remote area.

It’s a town with no paved roads and no electricity.

And it has an unusual combination of problems.

Bhopals village has no roads, so villagers have to walk on grass or trees to get around.

They can’t use toilets or even a bath, because the water is very polluted.

And Bhopala village, in Madhyapur district, has no sewage, no sewer, no power, and no schools.

Bhupals village, on the other hand, has three kilometres of paved roads, which have no traffic lights, no traffic signs, and little traffic at all.

It also has a water supply.

“This village has always been small,” Bhatachi says.

But, in the past couple of years, villagers have begun to see these roads as a big challenge.

“The roads are very dangerous.

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