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article The Times Of India 1/16/2013 – 02:21:37A little over a year ago, the iconic author William Bartlett died.

A former professor of chemistry at the University of Illinois, he was one of the most influential and well-known scientific minds of his time.

His life and work, like that of his son, Andrew Bartlett, was influenced by his passion for astronomy and the search for the origin of the universe.

His books, published from the 1930s through the 1970s, were renowned for their insight and fascination with the cosmos.

In 2012, the American Astronomical Society (AAS) voted Bartlett one of its 50 greatest scientists of the 20th century.

In 2017, the AAS inducted him into the Hall of Fame for his contributions to astronomy, physics, chemistry and astronomy, among other things.

But his legacy was also deeply rooted in the ancient Indian religion of Hinduism.

In the early 19th century, when India was still a Christian nation, the country was ruled by a group of Hindu rulers who believed that the Vedas and the scriptures were divine.

They viewed the cosmos as a collection of countless deities.

The Vedas contained the knowledge of how the universe was created and the purpose of life.

The texts were a way of explaining this, and the teachings of the Vedanta were later enshrined in the Vedic scriptures and were widely believed by Hindus and other religious groups throughout the world.

According to Indian Hindu scriptures, the creator of the cosmos was a Hindu goddess named Saraswati.

She was created to protect mankind from evil spirits, protect them from evil forces, and create a universe that was good for all.

She is also called the mother of all beings.

Her name, Saraswata, means “Mother of the Universe” and is believed to be the source of all life on Earth.

Bartlett believed in the universe as a whole, and not just the cosmos, and so, he believed in its existence beyond the boundaries of Earth.

But he also believed that God created everything, and that God’s will was that the universe should be perfect.

He believed that if all life existed, the cosmos would also be perfect, and if life was created in the natural world, then there was a possibility that God could also create in the supernatural world.

The way he did this was through a series of stories that were written down and passed down through generations.

These stories told the story of God, and it is believed that all life originated from God.

This story is called the Upanishads.

The Upanishad states that God formed the universe out of matter and water and created it out of the dust of the earth.

But God was also able to create other universes out of His own creations.

The Upanishadic stories told a story of creation in the beginning and the creation of the world out of nothing.

The story of the birth of the first living being, and how it came to be, is also said to be in the Upanad, the Hindu sacred text.

In this story, the God of creation is called Ganesha and he created the universe from nothing.

It is the universe of the gods.

This is the first time that we have come across a story in the Hindu scriptures that said that the entire universe originated from the God who created the entire cosmos.

This created a huge stir in Indian society at the time, and there were a lot of protests about this story being “incorrect”.

However, according to some historians, the Upansads were written by a Brahmin scholar named Karna.

He was a follower of Brahmanism, an ancient religion that is also believed to have originated in India.

His work, the Bhagavad Gita, contains a passage from the Bhakti, the sacred text of Hindu religion.

In this passage, God tells us that everything was created by Him and the universe itself was created from His creation.

This was not just a story about creation, but also a statement of truth.

It was in this passage that Karna wrote the story about the creation story.

It was called the Veda or Upanishada.

The following is an excerpt from the Vedas Upanishadas.

It says, God created the Universe, and created the whole Universe.

The universe was formed out of all the matter and the elements of the heavens and the earth and all the earth was created out of water.

There was also a second part, the Brahmana or Upani, which tells us the creation and destruction of the creation.

The universe, which is called earth, is created out from water.

This water, which comes out of this universe, came out of God’s own hand.

This creation is known as karuna or the creation, destruction and birth.

The Veda has many other passages in which the author mentions creation.

One passage says that God

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