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An article about trees.

That’s what I wrote on the last day of my first trip to Australia, to visit a place I was hoping to see a few more times, and which I thought I would love to visit again and again.

The trees were still there.

And they were just as tall as the houses.

They were, after all, tall.

So tall.

The people in the house were taller.

The women in the family were taller than me.

They looked like a couple of grownups in their twenties.

They walked along the beach, on the beachfront.

The ocean was a blur, and I was so lost in it.

But it was the trees, the trees that really made it worth it.

The sun came up, and the trees turned to gold.

The air smelled fresh and crisp.

I could see the ocean on the horizon, and that, too, was worth it, in my opinion.

I wanted to come back to Australia for more, to see it again, and again and still.

And so I went.

When I returned, I noticed something new: trees were growing taller.

It was the first time in my life I saw that.

And when I looked up again, there were more trees.

There were even more people.

More trees.

I had never seen them before.

The only other time I had seen them was on the way to a funeral in my home state of New South Wales, and when I got there, I was shocked.

There was a big tree with a little bit of bark on it, on a tree.

There wasn’t even a stump to it.

I thought: Wow, this is amazing.

I couldn’t believe it.

So I went back.

I took a closer look at the tree.

The little branch that had fallen off had been replaced by a full-grown one.

I noticed the new branch had the same height as the old one, but it was also more massive.

This new tree was also very large.

I decided to take a closer, more detailed look at it.

There are lots of tree species, and a lot of trees can be quite tall.

Some species of trees, like the ones here, can reach a height of up to 40 metres (131 feet).

This tree was much taller than any of them.

And it wasn’t just the trees.

When the wind blew, the wind was coming at us from every direction.

The wind was also coming from every angle.

I was amazed at the incredible, massive tree that had grown up out of nowhere.

But then I noticed that the wind didn’t blow the same way everywhere.

I saw one tree just up ahead of me, that had just given way, that hadn’t even made it halfway up the mountain.

I realised that the tree that was in front of me was taller than the one in front.

I wondered what it would have looked like if I hadn’t been standing in front!

So I walked around the tree for a bit, and then went back to the house.

The house was still there, and it was still standing.

So when I came back, the tree still stood.

I went to check it out, but I didn’t see any sign of the tree I had just seen.

So, it turned out that the house had not just given up on me.

It had just grown taller.

And its old owner had not been so happy with this new one.

So now I have to find another tree to visit.

And the new tree?

It is even taller.

What the trees do in Australia is nothing short of astonishing.

In the wild, they don’t build trees.

They build trees and the people who live in them build houses and the roads that run through them.

The houses are built of logs.

In this new forest, they’ve turned to stone.

I can’t help but wonder: What happened to the trees?

They just disappeared?

I’ve never been so shocked.

The last time I went into a forest, I felt like I was at a funeral.

It didn’t matter if I was a ghost or not.

There is no way that I could be seen anywhere.

I’ve been away from this forest for a long time now, and now it has completely turned into stone.

And I can no longer see any trees, even though the sky is full of stars.

And what happened to these old trees?

The people who built the houses have all moved on to other parts of the forest, and they’ve started their own families and are living in their own houses.

But those trees are still there!

I’m still curious about what’s happening to the old trees.

Do they want to be replaced?

Will they die out in the wild?

They are all gone now, but the people still live in their houses.

The family members who built these houses and lived there, they are all still alive. And even

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