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Google News India, a leading news platform, has created a free tool for writers to create inspiring quotes.

The free tool has been developed by two software developers who also work in the technology sector.

“We created a simple tool to help you to create beautiful and memorable quotes,” said Vishnu Bharti, founder and CTO of the company.

In the tool, users can create the quote from any article on the Google News site, import it and paste it into the tool.

It then lets the users pick the best quote from the list.

Bharti added, “We’ve also provided a way for the users to add their own quotes and then edit and edit again to add even more.

When you add more quotes, the tool displays a list of the best quotes on the platform.

This way, the user can select the best and then add their favourite quotes.

The user can also delete their favourite quote.”

It helps users to write inspiring and powerful quotes without being overwhelmed by too many ideas,” said Bhart Inder, the developer of the tool and the co-founder of the startup, which has also launched a number of other products.

As per the guidelines, the best quoting can be created by a writer with a background in technology.

According to Bhart, a user can upload the original article, an image and a short description of the quote.

The software then compares the description with a list with similar quotes from other articles and selects the best one.

The quotes from the other articles will then be saved on the device, and the users can use it as a reference.

To make the tool more useful for writers, it provides a link to Google Analytics, which gives insights into how people use Google News.

Google News also provides links to related news sources such as the Huffington Post, Business Insider and TechCrunch.

For the feature, the startup has also partnered with social media aggregator Flipkart.

While Google News was launched as a way to give the users insight into the trending news and the trends of the day, the platform has also been used to make users read about upcoming events.

Now that it has become a hub for news, it is also a tool that allows the users, like Bhart who are looking to find inspiration for their stories, to make those ideas come to life.

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