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The language of the people of Palestine is one of the world’s most difficult and complex languages, but the Palestinians have a simple, but powerful, way of expressing love.

It’s called the “love quote.”

And in Arabic, it’s a rare sight.

So why do so many of them keep it secret?

It is a complicated question, but it has to do with the people in the region.

The people of the Palestinian territories have no English-speaking community, and as a result, they are often asked for help in their daily lives.

In the West Bank, the language of Arabs, English is the dominant language of government and education, and there are no public services in Arabic.

So they speak in their native language, and it is used to express affection, to express love, to share information, to communicate ideas and even to express anger.

The quote is a way of saying: “I love you.

I love you with all my heart.”

The quote has become a way to express a lot of love.

In the West, love is a powerful emotion that can inspire empathy and hope.

But in the Arab world, love can also be considered a threat, an act of aggression.

So why is love so important in the Palestinian community?

One of the reasons is the “quotable” aspect.

Quotable is the practice of using an Arabic word or phrase as a substitute for another word or expression, such as “love” or “blessings.”

For example, the word “quilt” is often used in Arabic to mean a blanket.

And in English, the “I” is the substitute for “you” or the “me.”

In the Middle East, the use of “quoted” in Arabic often indicates an affectionate or sentimental feeling.

It can be an affectionately affectionate expression, a nonverbal way of communicating the same thing, or even an emotional state that is in the same way as the word itself.

The phrase, love quotes, can be found in all the major Arab languages, such a Hebrew one, Arabic, Arabic-English and English-Arabic.

They are used in poetry and music, in films, television, on billboards, on menus, and in the advertising and social media platforms of the region where they are spoken.

The Arabic-language Arabic-speaking communities in the West are also divided into two groups: those who use Arabic to communicate affection and those who speak English to express their affection.

The first group is known as the “Arabic speaking community” and the second group, known as “English-speaking Arabic-speakers.”

Arabic-speaking Muslims in the Middle WestThe Arabs who live in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are the ones who use the language in the most traditional way: to say things like, “Love is the best thing in the world.”

Arab Muslims live in many different parts of the Middle World, but one thing is certain: Arabic is the language they speak most often.

The people of these countries, and especially the young Arabs who have moved to the U.S. to study, speak Arabic as their primary language.

“In the Arab community, Arabic is spoken as a primary language, in Arabic-Arab and in Arabic and Arabic-Western, which is the primary dialect of the Arabs.

The Arabic-West is spoken by around 2 million Arabs,” says Nabil Abu Khdeir, a professor of Arabic at the University of Maryland.”

When you see a picture of a Muslim or an Arab in the public square, they’re speaking Arabic,” he says.”

So if you have an Arabic-Albanian family, you’ll see that they’re Arabic-American.

But they speak Arabic in the home.”

For Muslims, Arabic has always been the language that best expresses affection.

“It’s been part of their way of life,” says Abdallah, a Moroccan-born American who moved to New York City in 2000.

“They’re very familiar with Arabic and their culture.

So for them, Arabic comes second.”

In fact, some of the most popular songs and poems in the Arabic-pop music scene have Arabic lyrics and phrases.

For example: “When I am in your arms/I will sing you a song that you will be proud of.”

In addition, some Arabic-musical artists, including Aisha Bewley, have performed in Arabic throughout the Middle-East.

“The main Arabic-music artist in the U, New York, and Canada is Anwar Abdul-Hakim.

He is the leading singer and songwriter of the Arabic pop scene,” says Abdul-Khair, a music producer and producer in the New York-based Arabic-Pop Music Festival.

“He sings Arabic-style music.

He sings Arabic words like love

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