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Quotes from textbooks can be included in books, films and other media, and teachers often use them as the text to introduce new concepts.

This is known as integrated direct quotation (IDR).

It can be used in the same way as a quotation from a book in a movie or in a television series.

But IDR is legal, and the courts have ruled that it’s permissible to quote a book’s quotes without first quoting the book’s text, and without permission from the author.

This article details how IDR works in the UK.

IDR can be a source of offenceIf you’re going to quote from a source other than the text of the book, and you use an IDR quotation, you must give permission for it to be used as the primary source for the work you’re quoting.

This means that if you’re quoted in a film, for example, you should give permission to use it as the basis of your narration.

You can also quote a quote from an unpublished book without permission, or a quotation in a news story without permission.

If you quote the text in question without permission for use in your work, you risk being found to be using IDR.

This includes quote marks, where a quotation marks character can be inserted to indicate the source of the quotation.

You must also give permission if you use the text for commercial purposes, and in any case, it’s OK to quote it as a reference for someone else.

You’ll need to give permission even if you have permission from someone else to use the quote.

For example, if you publish a newspaper article quoting a book by Alice Waters, you could be found to have used IDR without permission of the author, but if you quote a quotation as part of your text, you might be in breach of the Publishers of Books and Authors Act 2009 (PBA).

This is because a publisher can only require a permission to quote text from a work for commercial use, and that author is then required to give that permission for you to use that text.

The author will need to sign a statement saying he/she understands that the permission has been given, but you’ll also need to agree to not use the work for personal, commercial, political or religious purposes.

The PBA does not make any distinction between IDR quotations and quotation marks in terms of whether the quotes are legal.

The act also states that the quotes can’t be used to mislead the reader.

The law is based on the notion that a text written in a language you don’t understand is not likely to be the same as one written in the language you do understand.

The reason is that, in the minds of the vast majority of people, the difference between a text that’s in a foreign language and one written by a native speaker is much smaller than the difference in meaning between two different sentences.

That is, a sentence written in English might have a more specific meaning than a sentence in a native language.

The author of a book has to give authorisation for use of his/her quotesThe author must give author permission to include a quotation that you quote in your text.

You must give the author authorisation to quote your text without permission to do so.

You also need authorisation if you include a quote that you don

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