Beautiful Quotations

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A lot of people will say the word “quotation” as a shorthand for “to quote.”

But you can’t actually use the term as a synonym for “quoted.”

The only way to actually write a quote is to write it in an exact word.

Here are some ways you can do that.

Read a passage aloudYou can read a passage out loud to someone else.

Say the words out loud, then repeat them back to yourself.

It can make it sound like you’re quoting someone else or someone else’s speech.

It’s not necessary, but it will make it easier for the listener to understand what you’re saying.

Say it aloudThe most common way to use “quotes” is in an oral speech.

Just say the words aloud.

You can do this if you’re speaking at a conference or other gathering.

Read the transcript, then say the next word aloud.

Repeat that process until you get the whole sentence.

Here’s an example: “It is a good day to meet my friends.

I’m very grateful for your support.”

That’s a good use of “quoting.”

If you want to use it as a verb, say, “It was a good morning to meet friends.”

If you want the speaker to understand, say it out loud.

You’ll see that the person will also notice that you’re using the “quotational” word in the sentence.

That’s because you’ve just spoken out loud!

The same thing applies to your own words.

If you’re making a point, say something like, “This is the most important thing that happened to me in my life.”

Say the sentence out loud: “This was the most powerful event that I experienced in my whole life.”

If the person says, “But you can read it out of context!”

Then, don’t worry about it.

If the person understands, then the speaker will be able to understand.

The speaker will have to use their own word, so don’t get upset if the speaker doesn’t know what the speaker means.

Try saying it in a different wayIf you’re doing a conversation, you might want to try something a little different.

Say it out in a non-verbals way, like, You’re really going to love it, right?

Then, start to think about how you want that to sound.

If it sounds like “You’re going to like it,” then you know you’re not using the right word.

But if it sounds a little more like “I love it,” you know it’s the right one.

The listener can still understand.

You might want a more neutral word to describe the feeling, like “really,” “really really,” or “really well.”

Don’t just use the right “quip”If you use the wrong “quibble,” you’re basically saying “I can’t figure out what you meant.”

And it might sound like, you know, “You just like it.”

If that’s the case, then try saying something like: “I’m not sure what you mean, but I appreciate the compliment.”

If they like it, then you might say, You should say something similar: “You can’t make me like it.

It doesn’t fit.”

Try saying the same thing again and again.

When you say it in your own voice, don�t say it too loudly.

Try saying it quietly, or you might sound weird.

If a lot of words are coming out of your mouth, try using a slow, steady breath.

You don’t want to shout.

When doing this, try saying it out slowly.

Don’t be too excited or excited.

Just be in your head and try to say what you want.

When it comes to words like “quiz,” don’t be so afraid of sounding like a dumbass.

People will appreciate it.

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