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It is difficult to say with certainty, but one thing is certain: the internet is full of quotes that are too funny, too crazy, and not in the most obvious or obvious of ways to understand.

The internet is filled with quotations that are both funny and ridiculous.

And there are plenty of quotes you can’t quite say no to.

The first thing to know is that no matter how well-intentioned you may think your quote may be, you are not going to be able to say no.

We’ve compiled the most common quotes and their meanings in a list of quotations and their quotes, from “a little girl is really cool” to “I’d like to marry you”.

Read on to see what quotes are a little funny, a little crazy, a lot of quotes and how to find the perfect quote.

And if you’ve got an embarrassing quote you’d like others to know about, don’t forget to share it in the comments below.

We’re still going, but we’re going slower.

And we’re not even getting started on the top quotes.


How do you say ‘no’?

The most common and often quoted answer is ‘I’ll write you a thank you note’ or ‘thank you’ instead.


Why is that picture in the middle?

Sometimes, a photo can be the easiest way to convey a statement or thought.


Is there a better way to say ‘sorry’?

Sometimes the most appropriate way to apologise for something is to write a letter or a thank-you note.


Does it mean anything?

In the same way that ‘I’m not that kind of person’ is an acceptable answer to an inquiry, ‘I don’t do this’ is a good way to state your intentions.


You have a bad day.

Sometimes people who say they are tired are actually exaggerating or lying.


I have no idea what you’re talking about.

The way you say the words ‘I’ and ‘me’ is often a clue to your identity.


What does the word ‘I’?

It is used to refer to a person.


Can I borrow your card?

People often use cards as a way to share information or ask for money.


It’s okay if you don’t have any money. 

People often make up excuses for not having money.

They may not even realise they are lying.

If you have a debt you want to pay, it’s okay to use a card.


If I don’t buy you something, what can I buy you?

If you are asked to buy something, you should say something like ‘I am not buying you anything’.


That is an interesting quote. 

Sometimes the easiest and most obvious way to make a statement is to quote something that is funny or interesting.


Are you wearing shoes?

It may seem like a silly question, but it is often the easiest thing to say.


Do you have any pets?

Many people believe that cats are not a good idea for babies, as they are aggressive and often kill them.


No, you’re not a ‘big brother’.

People who are afraid of animals often say ‘you are a big brother’.

They don’t mean it in a negative way.


Your best friend is your neighbour. 

If someone asks you what your best friend’s favourite food is, they often say they don’t know.


Isn’t it funny that people are usually more offended when they see someone in public wearing a tie? 

People who say ‘I have a tie’ often assume it is a joke.


A little dog has an amazing sense of smell. 

You may think you have no reason to ask someone to pet a dog, but if they are a good friend of yours, it may be worth asking them to do it. 18.

We have to be careful with our food. 

Some people are allergic to food and others have allergies that can be controlled with medication.


This is a quote from an interview that has been posted on Reddit. 

I know what you mean when you say that ‘this is a bad quote’ but that’s because I actually did not read the quote.


When will the moon rise? 

The quote comes from the movie, The Day After Tomorrow.


So what?

The world is full to the brim with quotes.

Are there any quotes that you can agree with?

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