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The mother who is happy, content, and successful is not the same as the one who has a bad attitude and makes it her mission to be as miserable as possible.

According to a new study, that can be a good thing.

This research has found that moms who report a sense of accomplishment and joy are actually happier than moms who do not. 

In the study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers at Johns Hopkins University surveyed 2,003 moms and their babies ages 4-17. 

Researchers asked about how happy, fulfilled, and fulfilled they felt in their lives.

Results showed that moms with a sense the success of their family, as well as those who were happy and fulfilled, were more likely to have a happy and successful child. 

The authors of the study concluded that a positive outlook on life can lead to a happier child.

“The more happy a mom is, the more likely she is to have children with happy outcomes,” said lead author Lauren Wieser.

“If moms are happy and feel they are doing well, their children are more likely than those who are not to have those outcomes.”

The researchers said the findings are important because they show that parents with a positive perspective on their own and their family’s well-being can make the difference between happiness and success.

The study also found that the happiness of moms and dads is linked to children’s happiness, and the happiness levels of moms were linked to their childrens happiness. 

“What these findings suggest is that having a positive sense of well- being in the family can have an effect on the happiness and wellbeing of both parents,” said Dr. Laura M. Eisner, the study’s lead author.

“Our study showed that the sense of success of moms is linked with children’s well being, and that mothers who are happy are happier than mothers who don’t feel good.”

This is the first study to link mothers’ happiness levels with their children’s outcomes. 

Dr. Wiesers said this research will be of interest to parents of young children, as it may shed light on why some children are happier with their parents than others.

Dr. Eischors study, along with other studies, are now under way to further explore the connection between positive parenting styles and children’s development. 

For more information on the study visit:,,20170506,00.html

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