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The American public is still deeply concerned about a potential economic catastrophe stemming from a looming government shutdown.

Here are some of the key questions about that looming debt limit crisis that the government is struggling to answer.

What will happen if the government shuts down?

If the government shut down, what will happen to Americans?

Will Americans have to pay more taxes or be forced to pay for services that are not yet funded?

How will the government pay for these services if it cannot fund the government’s operations?

Will the U.S. government be able to pay its bills and keep its government funded?

Will the federal government have to cut spending in order to cover the revenue it does not have?

Will it be able make payments to American businesses and individuals?

What is the impact of a potential shutdown on the economy?

Will there be a need for the Treasury to borrow to fund government operations?

How much will this cost?

Will any taxes go up?

Will interest rates rise?

Will a shutdown result in a recession?

Will a shutdown hurt businesses?

What will the impact be on consumers?

Will consumers have to stop buying things they do not need?

What will the price of gasoline and other products be when the government closes down?

Will gasoline prices spike?

Will there be rationing?

Will food prices rise?

Will prices for other items rise?

What happens to the government, if and when it shuts down, if it does reopen?

How will Americans pay for their government services?

How much will they pay for?

Will they have to start paying their own bills?

Will their income be affected?

How many people will be affected by a shutdown?

Will all Americans be affected if the shutdown is prolonged?

Will states continue to be responsible for their own state and local budgets?

How would states cope with a shutdown that lasts longer than a few days?

Will some states continue with their current policies?

Will taxpayers be able continue to fund public services that they do already have?

How long will it take to pay bills and pay for government services for a shutdown, when other areas of the government have already been closed?

What is the likelihood that Congress will agree to a budget?

How many of the federal budget’s funds will be available to pay federal employees during a shutdown if and how long?

How soon would Congress need to vote to approve a budget resolution to reopen the government?

How quickly would Congress be able approve a spending bill if and where the government would shut down?

What if Congress did not approve a government funding resolution in the first place?

Will Congress continue to try to get a budget passed?

What are the chances that Congress would be able negotiate a spending resolution?

What are the alternatives to a shutdown when the country is in a budgetary emergency?

What do economists think would happen if Congress shut down in March?

What would happen to U.A.E. countries?

How likely would it be that the United States would default on its debt?

How likely would default occur if Congress didn’t get the budget passed before March?

What would happen in a default?

How important is the U-turn on the Iran nuclear deal?

What’s the Unease about Iran sanctions?

Are there concerns that Iran might retaliate against the United Nations over the Unauthorized Disclosure of Iranian Documents?

How could Congress and the Obama administration resolve the situation if the UNAuthorized Release of U.N. Diplomatic and Consular Documents was not stopped?

How might a shutdown affect U.P.C. students?

How might U.O.

E students be affected with the UPUC budget crisis?

How big is the government shutdown?

How difficult is it to get funding for U.L.A.?

How much money does the ULA need to run?

How fast can the UPLF run its operations?

How large is the state government?

What types of services do UPLFs provide?

How would state governments cope with the shutdown?

What kinds of services are UPLFS expected to provide?

How can state governments help to maintain services?

How could state governments reduce their reliance on UPLs?

What kinds of people can participate in UPL services?

What kind of jobs are UPLA employees expected to do during a shut down shutdown?

Does the shutdown affect students at UPL colleges and universities?

How do students get jobs in the UplF?

How can students get a job in the state of California during a federal shutdown?

How important is it that UPL students have access to federal services during a government shutdown, as the UPLA will need to shut down if Congress does not approve an additional funding package?

What could happen if a shutdown prevents UPL schools from opening?

Will students have to close their schools?

Will state government agencies close their offices?

Will school districts close?

How long could schools be closed?

How is the budget situation in the United Kingdom?

How does the British government deal with a budget crisis, given that the UPA government has not been able to pass

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