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It’s the best time of year to read your favorite comics, right?


So you’ll probably find yourself reading a lot of comic books this year.

There are a ton of great comics to read, and you’ll be looking for new ones year-round.

Here are some great references to comics that you might want to keep around at all times.1.

The Thing in a Box is the first issue of the X-Men series, written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Brian Wood.

I love that this issue is in the Marvel universe, and the title itself references both the X’s and the Xs.2.

It’s a great way to start reading the X series.

In this issue, Wolverine and Jean Grey go to an X-rated club, and they find themselves in a fight.

The fight ends up taking place in a room that’s covered in X-rays.3.

In the X book, Cyclops and the Sentinels find a secret lab containing a bunch of ancient technology.

It appears to be the same thing as Magneto’s lab in the X comics.

It was never mentioned in the comics, but I love how this reveals Magneto has some of that technology on his island.4.

In a flashback, Jean Grey is seen in a flashback of the same event.

The first time I read this book, it was at a birthday party.

It has a lot to do with Jean’s love for her sister.

She’s been trying to make amends with her for the past few years, and now her sister is going to find out what happened.5.

In X-men: Apocalypse, we find out that Magneto is the one who created the mutant serum.

He’s been using it for years, until the virus caused him to explode and kill himself.6.

This is a fun one to add to your collection, as it comes in the classic X-books: X-Factor and the New Mutants.

This issue has the X being trapped on a planet, where they have to save their planet from a villain.

When Jean and Wolverine try to stop him, they’re forced to use some very unusual weapons to battle the villain, but the villain is immune to any weapons that Jean and Logan can use.

They then find out the villain has been using his own weapons for years.7.

In The Incredible Hulk, we learn that the Hulk is in fact a superpowered mutant.

The title is an homage to the character’s origin in Marvel Comics, which he was the first person to discover in the 1950s.8.

In one of the classic comic book movies, the Thing gets trapped on Earth, and has to work to save the world from being attacked by the X and his henchmen.

He uses a lot more weapons than the rest of the characters in the film, but he’s still able to fight the villain.9.

In Fantastic Four, when the Fantastic Four are on a space station, they get attacked by an alien spaceship.

They get away, but then it’s revealed that they’ve been transported to a time before the Fantastic four existed.

In other words, they are not the Fantastic Five.10.

In Marvel’s Avengers, the Hulk gets trapped in a space capsule with a bunch more alien warriors, and we find that the alien warrior has been creating super-soldier beings in order to take over the world.11.

In Amazing Spider-Man #25, Peter Parker is stuck in a prison, with his Aunt May trying to get him out.

He then meets Spider-man, who has been imprisoned in the same cell.12.

In Incredible Hulk #6, the Avengers team tries to stop a criminal from kidnapping a young girl, and it’s during this fight that they discover a secret weapon.

It turns out that it’s a super-weapon, and this is the weapon that is responsible for creating the Fantastic 4.13.

In Thor #51, when Thor is on a ship, he’s forced to battle some of the Avengers’ greatest heroes.

He meets some of them on the planet Asgard, where he finds out that the heroes are the remnants of the alien race that created them.14.

In Ultimate Spider-Boy, a bunch to choose from in this issue.

Spider-boy is stuck on a world where he can’t fight, but can’t stop.

Spider is stuck at the bottom of the ocean, and when he meets the Thing, he gets his memories back, but Spider can’t get out.

Spider decides to help the Thing find his way to the top of the water.

Spider ends up being trapped in the bottom half of the lake.15.

In Deadpool, the writer has created a bunch things to fight in this series.

There’s Deadpool in the Avengers, who is stuck with the Sinister Six, who wants to take control of the world, and Deadpool in Deadpool: The Movie, who just wants to die.

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