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Donald Trump has a good track record when it comes to quoting his favorite proverbs.

His first few decades in the White House, when he made his name as a reality television star, were marked by proverbs such as, “The best way to lose a bet is to lose your life,” “The one who doesn’t win a fight is never a winner,” and “The most important thing in life is your job.”

The Proverbs section of the Trump White House website has a wealth of proverbs as well as a selection of quotes that have been chosen for the collection.

Trump’s quotes are often paired with images of Trump with the quote “Make America Great Again.”

The quotes are usually accompanied by an accompanying picture.

The collection includes the following quotes:The Proverb Trump quoted from his book, The Art of the Deal, on June 4, 2016: “The only way to get ahead in life, the only way, is to make a deal.”

The phrase “The art of the deal” refers to the art of negotiation.

The phrase “Make a deal” is also the name of a play.

The phrase, “the art of getting” is the art, not the word, of persuasion.

Trump uses this phrase in several of his speeches.

The Prohibitions section of Trump’s White House blog has a number of quotes on the subject of “drain the swamp” and the importance of having “the right people in power.”

The first quote is from “The Art of The Deal” on June 1, 1946: “Drain the Swamp!”

“The Swamp,” or swamp, is the name given to a swamp that is swarming with lobbyists, special interests, and corrupt politicians.

It is the swamp that the swamp is feeding.

The second quote is in a May 8, 1946 newsletter for the Office of Strategic Services, “America’s Newest and Best-Rated Agency”:”The most effective way to bring down a powerful and corrupt government is to drain it, by winning over its leaders and taking it to the public.”

The third quote is a May 10, 1947 newsletter for OSS, “We Need the Army,” “We Don’t Want a War: The Story of the Military-Industrial Complex”:”We have a military-industrial complex that is destroying our country, and it is killing our people.

You can’t get that message through the media or through the Congress, and we must be strong in the Congress to stop it.”

The fourth quote is an August 1, 1947 White House newsletter, “Make Our Nation Great Again,” “Keep America Safe,” “Make Your Voice Count,” and the “The War of the Worlds” quote from a May 29, 1947 publication in the New York Times.

The fifth quote is attributed to President Harry Truman in a September 12, 1947 memo for the Secretary of Defense, “A New Approach to American Military Preparedness” and comes from a memo for ODS, “Plan for Action: America’s National Security Strategy.”

The sixth quote is about a New York City public school teacher named Ruthie Stolte in a July 25, 1947 speech to the United Nations General Assembly, “How to Use Your Power as an Educator to Raise Awareness About Our Common Global Challenges.”

The seventh quote is taken from a September 3, 1947 article in Time magazine titled “The Most Important Thing in Life is Your Job,” which describes a New Yorker’s decision to quit her job as a teacher to become a politician.

The eighth quote is, “Dress up for a fight.

Wear your heart on your sleeve.

And when you are ready to die, die for your country.”

The ninth quote is of President Dwight Eisenhower in a March 15, 1948 interview on CBS Evening News, “Politics and the Presidency.”

The tenth quote is on the “A Message to the People of the United States” of July 3, 1949, “From the Field of History,” “A Brief History of America,” and on a March 21, 1949 article in The Washington Times titled, “You Are the People’s Voice.”

The eleventh quote is “The World is a Land of Opportunity.”

The twelfth quote is quoted in a November 8, 1949 New York Post article entitled, “In Your Heart of Hearts,” “I Don’t Care if You Don’t Like It,” and, “Don’t Think You’re in Control of Your Own Future.”

The thirteenth quote is also from a November 15, 1949 Washington Post article titled, The American Dream Is Dying: The Truth about Poverty, Unemployment, and Government Overreach.

The fourteenth quote, from a March 25, 1950 New York Daily News article, “Where We Stand,” “What’s Wrong with the World,” and is also found on a December 8, 1950 article, “‘Gonna Be a Big Day for the Country’: The End of the Cold War,” and a March 31,

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