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Polygon A lot of Android users use Google Now to check their weather, find nearby schools, and get their news.

Google Now can be an incredibly useful tool, but some people are finding that it can also be quite annoying.

Google Now has a handy feature called the “search bar,” which lets you search for the phrase “weather,” “school,” or “weather in the next three days” without having to swipe through multiple options.

You can swipe right to quickly find the weather you want, and you can swipe left to skip ahead.

If you’ve ever tried to scroll through a bunch of weather queries, you’ll know that it’s a bit annoying to have to swipe right and left between the options.

There’s a workaround, though.

You have two ways to use “search,” which means that you can either swipe left or right to search for a phrase and then swipe up or down to go back.

The first way to do it is by simply tapping the search button when you’re not holding down the home button.

The second way to search is by using the spacebar in the search field.

Once you have both, you can just swipe up and down to see the weather in your area.

It’s not clear if this is the only way to access the weather, or if it’s just a shortcut for people to find the phrase quickly.

It’s unclear if it is an oversight or if this will become a feature of the Android version of Google Now.

You can still do the same with the search bars in the Settings app, which are still available in the Google Now menu in Android.

This feature also has the option to swipe left and right to filter the results, but it’s unclear whether this is a new feature or if there’s an option for people who don’t have the space bar.

Update 9:18pm: Android TV and Google Now have a new search bar feature called “search bars,” which is a big improvement over the old way.

It appears that this feature is coming to Google Now on iOS as well, although there is no word on when.

This is a great addition to the app and it makes searching in Google Today more convenient than ever.

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